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Unique: All facilities are in-house

The right facilities are crucial for a safe and efficient road shipment. For you as a customer,for our people and all road users. This is what we mean by ‘Quality without compromises’. In order to perform our function as both forwarder and carrier as effectively as possible, we have all facilities in-house. We consider that to be important, we are proud of this and that makes us unique. Read further to learn more about all our facilities.

Truck wash

What’s green should stay green

Clean and well-maintained equipment is the calling card of our company. That is also part of what we mean by ‘quality without compromise’. Our truck wash, which has full-time staff, will help you with this. We wash and take care of all common vehicle combinations quickly and expertly using high-pressure steam cleaning with demineralised water and a brush machine. We don’t just wash our own vehicles, our washing hall is available to everyone.

Visit our location at Beatrix de Rijkweg 1 in Almelo, The Netherlands.
Or get in touch with us by telephone: +31 (0)546 – 480 403.

Opening times for third parties:
Monday to thursday 08.00 – 17.00 hrs
Friday                          08.00 – 12.00 hrs


6 days a week

We have a 70 tonne-rated weighbridge, which is available 6 days a week. Opening hours:
mo – do 5.30 – 19.30 hrs, friday 5.30 – 21.30 and saturday from 06.00 till 15.00 hrs.
After weighing, you can print the weighing slip yourself in the weighing booth.
Location: Plesmanweg 3, Almelo, The Netherlands. For more information get in touch with us at.

Tyre pressure measurement system

Correct tyre pressure means less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption

We have a tyre pressure measurement system installed at our site on the Plesmanweg. Correct tyre pressure means that our fleet has less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. The system works quickly and easily with the vehicle registration number being recorded by a camera system. The driver passes the sensors slowly, they then read the tyre pressure from the screen. If necessary, the tyre can be inflated using the compressors on site.

Height indicator

Height measurement in a safe and quick manner

We have a height indicator installed at our site on the Plesmanweg. This height indicator uses laser scanning technology. The complete combination passes the height indicator and is scanned at 15 km/hr. A display shows the current and highest measurements. The height indicator provides the drivers with precise measurements for all types of loads. It ensures the driver can stay within the legally prescribed dimensions and be aware of their load parameters.

The height indicator is located in the same area as the tyre pressure measurement system allowing these two essential procedures to be completed concurrently. Quality and safety are our main concerns so we provide drivers with the most modern tools.

Optimal visibility

Mirror adjustment aid’

Our site on the Plesmanweg also has two ‘mirror adjustment aids’ on the road surface. This lets our drivers adjust the various mirrors so they work correctly in a safe place away from traffic. They then have optimal vision around the combination before moving onto the road. Just like the camera fitted to most of our cars, this provides safety on the road and comfort for the driver.

Workplace mechanics

Committed and expert

Our committed and expert mechanics in Almelo and Hengelo have extensive knowledge and experience in the routine maintenance of transport equipment. In addition, they possess the specialized knowledge, tools and parts for the maintenance of our special transport equipment. We can also perform MOT inspections, repairs and complete overhaul of hydraulically driven equipment. The installation of inspection pits in Hengelo makes it possible to repair and maintain (loaded) exceptional combinations safely.

We are always interested in talking to motivated people.