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Exceptional transport

Bolk organises the most exceptional transport projects, from windturbines to large storage tanks and heavy transport throughout Europe. Whether by road and water, always the right solution.

Exceptional transport
Our fleet of trailers is configured to transport anything up to 150 tonnes. We offer a wide variety of transport options for exceptional transportation and always choose the most efficient method in consultation with you.
No challenge is too big for Bolk when it comes tot exceptional transport. We distinguish ourselves through our specific knowledge and experience with heavy haulage and special transport to Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and more specifically Italy. Need permits, excemptions and guidance? No problem at all, it is all arranged for you. We have permits that are valid throughout the year; that saves time and money.

Thorough and professional
Excellent preparation is of course essential as exceptional transport is unique, every time. The professionalism of our people and our modern transport equipment means that we can meet any challenge. A large order of 100 transports or a single job? A weight of 150 tons or a length of 77 meters? Nothing is impossible. Bolk has been handling the most exceptional transport projects throughout Europe for years. We offer transport by road and water as we also have solid partnerships with the maritime world. We always offer the right solution, expertly, creatively and efficiently.

Groundbreaking and versatile

Quality without compromises

A high standard

A good partner building strong relationships

Let us know how we can help you.
Bolk will always provide the right solution for your transport or warehousing needs.