Bolk Transport has five 65 to 110 tonne-metre crane tractors with semi low-loader steered axles and five 53 to 88 tonne-metre crane combinations with extendable trailers for self-loading, unloading and placing machines and more.  We also have a crane semi with a 43 tonne- metre roller crane and a flat trailer with a 24 tonne-metre roller crane. In addition to moving and relocating machines, we also transport, load, unload and place steel constructions, fences, timber constructions, dormers, advertising objects, works of art, containers, office or break room units, construction machines and cable reels with our truck-mounted cranes. This eliminates the need for a crane or forklift truck on site, saving time and money.

The 63, 85, 88 and 110 tonne-metre cranes can be fitted with a fly-jib for a flight of up to 30 or 34 meters. The crane tractors can be fitted with a cargo box and a trailer, making them into a compact truck combination.

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