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Spring 2024

Dear Bolk relations,

At the end of 2023, Bolk and Nijhof-Wassink reached an agreement with the Inland Terminals Group (ITG) on the sale of the CTT companies to ITG. CTT’s terminals will thus become part of a group with a total of 16 terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. This gives a strong bundling of interests in the seaports and new opportunities for mutual cooperation and efficiency in the areas of commerce, ICT, administration and sustainability.

CTT started as a 100% subsidiary of Bolk Container Transport in 1995, handling container trains for NS Cargo in Almelo. Because of the development of the inland terminal in Hengelo, three new shareholders joined CTT in 2000: MCS with terminals in the North, BCTN with terminals in the South and fellow transport company Nijhof-Wassink from Rijssen.

On that basis, CTT went through a particularly prosperous development in 23 years. Thanks to committed and professional employees and the trust of more and more customers, CTT grew continuously in Hengelo and expanded its activities to Rotterdam and Almelo.
The terminal in Hengelo has become a leading terminal in the Netherlands. CTT Rotterdam has developed into a major player in the handling of container trains and long-term ADR storage. The XL Park in Almelo has its own terminal; this has contributed nicely to its success.

As the shareholders in CTT together represent a large group of terminals, further cooperation between them was regularly discussed. That joining of forces is yet to come about as ITG will also take over CTT’s terminals after the acquisition of BCTN in 2021 and MCS in 2022.

CTT will now become part of a larger group of inland terminals, also creating new opportunities for mutual shipping connections, innovations and sustainability. For CTT employees, this development offers new opportunities. A number of colleagues have already moved on to new positions in the central organisation.

Also on behalf of Nijhof-Wassink, we thank you all for your commitment to CTT. We wish CTT and ITG a very bright future!

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