April 2022

Dear Bolkemembers,

Our company values long-term relationships with our employees. And fortunately many employees feel the same way. Where job hopping is the norm elsewhere, we at Bolk and CTT try to build long-term, stable and pleasant working relationships. Because our professionals are our greatest asset and it is important for them to have a stable and reliable employer.

Of course, this includes pausing to celebrate an anniversary or a well-deserved retirement. That is why it is traditional at the New Year’s reception to pay tribute to our jubilees and pensioners in front of all our colleagues for their years of service to our company. Unfortunately, this was not possible in the past two years. That is why we recently put everyone in the limelight after all.

It was an enjoyable gathering with beautiful anecdotes and stories, and because of the smaller set-up, there was plenty of attention for each jubilarian. All sections of our company were represented: domestic drivers and drivers who can’t go far enough, German drivers who live ideally on the route to Italy, Polish drivers who alternate longer periods away from home with longer periods with their families, mechanics and employees of the carwash, the warehouse, storage and transhipment and planning. There was also a Sligro driver and co-driver, both of whom have been serving the hospitality industry every day for 25 years, a truck-mounted crane driver and a truck transporter driver.

If anything became clear during this meeting, it was the great variety of our work. This contributes more and more to achieving long-term employment. Because if, for good reasons, it is no longer possible to perform certain tasks, there are now many other opportunities within our company. And because all activities and departments are growing, it is often possible to make an internal transfer.

In this magazine, we look back on these anniversaries. We hope you enjoy watching and reading it.

With kind regards,
Management Bolk and CTT



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