winter 2023

Dear Bolkrelations,

Satisfied employees perform better, this is nothing new. At Bolk and CTT, many people work remotely and without direct supervision. This makes cost-conscious and customer-oriented work, cooperation and thinking along with others indispensable. This goes without saying for satisfied employees and we have been aware of this for a long time.

But as an employer, we only partially influence this satisfaction. In terms of income, clear agreements, good equipment and safe working conditions we do, but not all journeys are equally popular. And traffic increasingly gives cause for annoyance.

That made us a bit sceptical when the concept of Gross Twente Happiness was introduced as a guide for employers. After all, if you’re worried about tensions in the world or your finances, or if you have to deal with unexpected health problems, happiness is sometimes far away… even if you’re doing so well at work.

Still, we got curious when last year the Twente happiness figure was presented as part of a national measurement. It was no surprise that Twente people scored higher than the average Dutchman. But we wanted to know whether we at Bolk are above or below that Twente average. And how that differs between our departments.

More companies in Almelo were curious about this. So a trial was developed in which all employees could quickly answer a number of questions via a telephone survey. Not a typical employee satisfaction survey, but a targeted investigation

Bolk scored a nice 7.9. We can be proud of that. Striking is the high satisfaction of our employees who have to “give” the most and are away from home for long periods of time, versus the lower satisfaction of those who work in a more regular schedule. Doing work where your heart is apparently a big happiness factor. Not everyone can make that choice, but we see plenty of starting points for improving other things, for instance in participation and training opportunities.

We are happy with the results of this survey. It makes us proud that it has prompted a lot of positive publicity. This confirms that SMEs with short lines of communication, family feeling and commitment are good employers. And that these types of companies fit well with the Twente nature.

Talking about and working on happiness still remains somewhat uncomfortable, especially when a number of employees are fighting against downright unhappy circumstances beyond their control. But especially the reactions of the latter colleagues following this survey, confirm that this way of thinking is a good guideline. Happiness mainly has to do with other people and with relatively small things. AND happiness is noticeable under difficult circumstances.

We wish everyone FULL HAPPINESS for the holidays!
Bolk and CTT Executive Board


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