December 2021

Dear Bolk colleagues,

Attentive visitors to CTT in Hengelo will see a wooden bench with a plaque standing under the large tree at the entrance for trucks. This bench was offered to the directors of the CTH Foundation on the occasion of the takeover of the terminal site by CTT in 2012. This marked the end of the involvement of a group of people who from the very beginning have helped to realize the terminal in Hengelo. As thanks for their efforts, CTT offered them this symbolic resting place.

With the sudden death of Gerard van Houweninge at the age of 79, the driving force behind Foundation CTH and CTH Vastgoed BV has now found eternal rest. But given his enormous interest and close involvement, he himself was far from that.

As director of the Overijsselse OntwikkelingsMaatschappij, Gerard was already closely involved in the choice of location, the organisation and the design of the terminal in the late 90s. When it became clear that a public limited company was needed to accommodate the real estate, Gerard offered himself as director of this company. Until 2012, CTT rented the terminal from this BV and Gerard was CTT’s landlord.

Because CTT had four shareholders with an equal interest in that period, Gerard was given a priority share, so that in the event of a tie, he could indicate which way things should go. He never had to make use of that position. But his experience, knowledge and wisdom have contributed enormously to the prosperous development of CTT.

In 2012, CTT had grown far enough to take over the real estate, which brought an end to Gerard’s role. Although he had been retired for some time, his interest and knowledge continued to connect him to CTT and later Port of Twente. His network within Rijkswaterstaat and his knowledge of hydraulic engineering works contributed to making the right choices for the renovation of the locks in Delden and Hengelo.

Gerard van Houweninge’s contribution to the CTT company and to the development of logistics in Twente was often invisible, but at the same time often invaluable. An expert, wise and particularly involved person has passed away. We wish Rebecca and all her relatives every strength in coming to terms with this loss.

Board Bolk

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