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Warehousing in the broadest sense of the word. That is also what Bolk does, from order and colli picking, loading and unloading containers to stocking pallets and piece goods. From flexible short-term storage to taking over the entire (project) logistics in Hengelo and Almelo, at a strategic location right next to Combi Terminal Twente (CTT). Saying ‘no’ is not our style. We create solutions, implement and store everything in our 70.000 m2 warehouse using a fully automated Warehouse Management System.


Bolk: more than transport
This is evident in Hengelo, among other places. There Bolk Logistics offers 26.000 m2 warehousing right next to the Combi Terminal Twente (CTT) site. This storage facility makes additional transport unnecessary and provides access to extra services such as gas measurement, ventilation and interim storage of loaded containers. In addition, security and access form one unit: it is a closed chain. Perhaps this is also ideal for your storage needs?

Bolk also has 27.750 m2 of storage capacity in Almelo next to the CTT terminal, which we have had for many years. Thanks to their strategic locations, the warehouses in Hengelo and Almelo offer a fast and reliable connection to the European hinterland, based on the principles of sustainability and safety.

Avoid surcharges for delay and demurrage
Do you have no time or insufficient storage space? Make use of our services for unloading and palletising containers or for transhipping storage containers. This way, you avoid annoying ‘detention and demurrage charges’.

Bolk warehousing because...


Bolk specialises in the storage and transhipment of any type of goods, machines and constructions. We have several special forklift trucks with lifting capacities ranging from 2 to 44 tons. This allows us to transfer heavy goods quickly and safely. In addition to these facilities, we offer incidental storage and storage for a defined period of time, no matter how large your product is, until you need it again.

So whether you need a single transport, temporary storage, transhipment of your goods or handling, we can do it for you!

Everything is possible


Bolk is a professional cooperation partner of Combi Terminal Twente (CTT). CTT Hengelo is an extremely modern inland terminal in Hengelo, with two additional own storage and transhipment terminals in Rotterdam and Almelo. As a professional logistics partner they offer all the advantages of synchromodal transport. Bolk and CTT developed the warehouse and site in Hengelo in collaboration. Meanwhile, the warehouse at  XL Business Park in Almelo has been realised.

Bolk is CTT’s inhouse carrier for container transport by road. With possibilities over water, rail and road Bolk combines their transports in a very dynamic way with CTT.

In addition to serving Twente and the German hinterland, CTT also has a connection from its terminal in Rotterdam to several locations in Poland, the port of Antwerp, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. This makes CTT an important logistics partner for Bolk.

Together we make it possible


Storage and


Let us know how we can help. Bolk will always design and arrange the right warehousing solution.

Groundbreaking and versatile

Quality without compromises

A high standard

A good partner building strong relationships

Let us know how we can help you.
Bolk will always provide the right solution for your transport or warehousing needs.