HSEQ and certification

Bolk pushes boundaries to deliver special transport, logistics and warehousing. Entering into partnerships with our customers we provide quality without compromise. Innovative and sustainable with personal, flexible and professional service. That is our passion at Bolk (PLS Holding B.V.). For almost 100 years, no challenge is too big. At Bolk our people think ahead, seek solutions and remove barriers. Moving forward together and ready for extremes. Our creativity is only limited by what is practically possible and what is legally permitted.

Quality management

Quality means delivering as agreed and as expected. Clear agreements in advance and  comprehensive preparation. No unpleasant surprises, transparency in setbacks and always a plan B. Clear instructions and clear communication. Clarity in what we expect and what can be expected of us. Giving feedback, positive or negative, if appropriate in time and place, is always appreciated. By whomever and to whomever.

Health and safety

Safe and healthy working conditions is the most important factor in everything we do. We respect legislation relating to working conditions, driving and working hours. We always eliminate and minimize risks of injury or health problems. Our people are equipped with modern and well-maintained equipment and are trained to work with it. In addition, they have appropriate clothing and the right personal protective equipment. The FSSC 22000 certificate (Food Safety System Certification) obtained by Bolk applies to the Deventer location for transporting refrigerated, frozen or non-refrigerated food and drinks on behalf of third parties.


Our success and activities shall not be unnecessarily harmful to the environment. We comply with environmental legislation. We protect soil and air and use fuel and other energy resources sparingly. In addition, we actively contribute to achieving the energy transition.

What is good enough today may not be tomorrow. That is why we are constantly looking for ways of doing things better, smarter, safer and more sustainably. We are consistently improving our performance. We identify improvement opportunities and systematically work towards realizing them. We prefer to do this on the basis of data and facts, but we also let our experience and history guide us . The creativity and commitment of all our people is not only encouraged, but also necessary. Together with our employees, whether represented in the Works Council or not, we get the best results.

A company can only be successful in the long term if it operates in harmony with its environment. We act with consideration and respect for the interests of those who are affected by us. Whether they are residents, neighbors, customers, suppliers or competitors.

In this way, we expect to be a reliable supplier, a pleasant employer, a good customer and a formidable competitor for many years to come.

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