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Business Improvement

Bolk Business Improvement (BBI) achieves improvements in production- and logistics processes by intelligent usage of knowledge and data.

The wide variety of improvement projects has led to experience in optimizing process in various sectors. For example, achieving improvements in warehousing, transport, production, and distribution.

Currently, external parties are supported by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of BBI. As a result, BBI continues to develop and our team continues to evolve.

Bolk Business Improvement


The gathering, ordering and distribution of data offers a variety of opportunities to increase the transparency of processes, improve the co-operation and communication, automate routine tasks, and discern data patterns. This leads to a decrease in costs and a more reliable and better controlled supply chain.

We have a young and enthusiastic team that has an educational background in production and logistics. Therefore, we are able to quickly find solutions that are supported by practice.

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