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Exceptional Bolk’s services are extensive when it comes to exceptional project logistics. For example, we can transport a very large machine, transformer or construction component, arranging not only the right transport equipment but also everything else involved. This includes complete route surveys, permits and transport guidance and contact with government authorities. We call this project logistics, seamless and concurrent transport. For example, our dispatch department deploy several trucks simultaneously for construction cranes and drilling rigs. Whether it concerns heavy exceptional transport of a crane body or conventional tautliners for smaller construction parts, these kinds of movements are always extremely versatile. The use of more than thirty vehicles is the rule rather than the exception. With trucks from our own fleet and from our regular transporters, we do it for you, always accurate and punctual as agreed. Conventional Bolk transports all sizes of shipping containers throughout Europe on a daily basis, using our own flexible combinations, including inland shipping where required. Pre-carriage and on-carriage of containers in Europe is also part of our services. We use the rail terminals of Tilburg, Duisburg, Hamburg and Nürnberg on the train connection known as the ‘Silk Road’. By adding transport combinations dynamically, you can be sure of smooth logistics for all your container transports.

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