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Container transport

Flexible, efficient and professional
Bolk Container Transport provides daily container transport as inhouse carrier for among others Combi Terminal Twente in Hengelo and CTT Rotterdam. With about 35 own combinations and 10 regular charters, Bolk Container Transport accomodates all sizes of containers in a highly professional way. Our main focus is the transport of sea containers, which arrive at the terminals of Combi Terminal Twente by bare, to the loading and unlaoding adresses in the hinterland. Predominately the area in a radius of approximately 75 kilometers around Hengelo and Rotterdam/ Antwerp. We use a purpose designed ‘re-coupling system’ for loading and unloading without incurring waiting costs.

Sideloaders and tilting chassis also ensure a high degree of efficiency and flexibility. Ideal for heavy containers and hard-to-access areas, they are extremely convenient for the customer. Our working area is the whole of the Netherlands, from the location Hengelo

Innovative and sustainable transport by road, water and rail.
Innovative and sustainable transport is central to our policy. Because, we as inhouse carriers, have a close cooperation with our clients, the CTT terminals, we optimally combine transport by road and water. At the same time we take care of the supply and transport of containers from and to inlandterminals and seaports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and railterminals in Rotterdam, Tilburg, Duisburg, Nürnberg and Hamburg, among other places.

Container chassis
Does your cargo need to be unloaded? Drop off the container at your doorstep or drive it to a seaport? We arrange it in the most professional and efficient manner, anything is possible with our extensive fleet of container chassis and special combinations.

Long Heavy Vehicles (LHV)
Bolk Container Transport uses Long Heavy Vehicles (LHV) or Eco-combi’s tot transport ‘1x20ft + 1x30ft’, “1x20ft + 40ft, ‘1x20ft + 1x 45ft’or ‘3 x 20ft’ containers This is the way to transport 50% more cargo than a standard combination. This means less CO2 emissions, fewer traffic jams and more efficient transport. We have three ‘LHV’s’ in our fleet.

Do you need a long time for loading or unloading 20, 40 and 45ft containers up to approximately 30 tons or do you have no on-site facilities? Bolk Container Transport has two so-called ‘Sideloaders’ for transports throughout the Netherlands from it’s base in Hengelo (O). The solution to your challenge. Efficient and flexible.

Groundbreaking and versatile

Quality without compromises

A high standard

A good partner building strong relationships

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