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Bolk Transport SRL in Cluj-Napoca specialises in organising and implementing exceptional transports and projects in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. With a thorough knowledge of local legislation and an extensive network of partners, Bolk Transport SRL combines its own fleet with the flexible possibilities and solutions offered by the other Bolk branches.

Bolk Transport SRL
407280 Floresti, DN 1 km 490 + 13
RO – Jud Cluj
+40 (0)371 300 151 

Bolk Southeast SRL in Bukarest specialises in organising and executing exceptional transports and projects throughout South-Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Bolk Southeast combines its extensive knowledge and experience of transports in these countries with the transport capacity and possibilities of the other Bolk branches.

Bolk Southeast SRL
Grigore Cabalcescu nr 46 Etaj 1, Camera 3,
RO – 010196 Bucuresti, Sector 1
+43 (0)7372 30444 15

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