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Crane tractors

Bolk Transport has five 45 to 85tm crane tractors with semi low-loader steered axles and five 55 to 85tm crane combinations with extendable trailers for self-loading, unloading and placing machines and more. In addition to moving and relocating machines, we also transport, load, unload and place steel constructions, fences, timber constructions, dormers, advertising objects, works […]


Bolk Container Transport uses Long Heavy Vehicles (LHV) or Eco-combi’s to transport ‘1x20ft + 1x30ft’, ‘1x20ft + 1x40ft’, ‘1x20ft + 1x45ft’ or ‘3x20ft’ containers. This is the way to transport 50% more cargo than a standard combination. This means less CO2 emissions, fewer traffic jams and more efficient transport. We have three ‘LZVs’ in our […]